Christopher Lamy

welcome, I'm Chris.

I'm not just teaching dogs to listen, I'm teaching them to understand.

I utilize my 12-year experience working with dogs, science-based techniques, and love of teaching to personalize each program for training success.

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Air Force Veteran

military working dogs trainer

12 yrs

dog training experience

Tailored Programs

for you and your dog's needs

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building an unbreakable bond through science-based training

From the homefront to the homestead

I've been training dogs my entire personal and professional life.

As the oldest of seven siblings, I took a special interest in training all of my family pets. When I grew up and enlisted in the Air Force, I spent five years training Military Working Dogs, assisting local police departments, and was deployed to numerous combat zones, including a five-month trip to Afghanistan where I worked with the Navy SEAL's searching for explosives and people with my dog, Kitti.

Now, I'm excited to share my extensive dog-psychology knowledge, my extreme love for dogs, and my passion for teaching to help you understand exactly what your dog needs in order to be a well-mannered member of your family.

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Tales from the Tails

Hear from my 2-legged friends about Canine Coaching With Chris.

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Chris is an amazing trainer! He transformed my pup, from one having a lot of behavioral issues in public (jumping, incessant barking) into a gentle, obedient, best-he-can-be pup within weeks! And Chris's training has solidified and strengthened my bond with my best friend!

Barbara Siefken
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I cannot recommend Chris enough! He took my disobedient dog to a very loyal and obedient best friend. Chris knows what he is doing and does it well! Very knowledgeable and positive person!

Brandon Johnson
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Chris helped each member of our family to understand the importance of learning our dog's communication style. Molly is a very intelligent and hyperactive standard poodle who, thanks to Chris is now well-behaved and capable of walking on a leash without trying to break free.

Elizabeth Ward
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